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First Ladies of America Quilt
To order The First Ladies of America Quilt Book, contact Ferrari of Denver or call 303-730-7340 (ask for Phyllis or the Boutique).
Who were the First Ladies of America?
What did they do?

How have they changed history?

This book may give you just a little insight
into some of
these questions.

This is not a typical quilt book in that it is not intended to teach you how to quilt. Rather it is an historical perspective on the First Ladies of America, honoring each of their lives and their contribution to our country. However, since we have honored them with a quilt, it only makes sense to at least address some of the details about how you can make this quilt yourself. If you are a beginning quilter and have not had some experience with the various techniques needed to make this quilt, we recommend you partner with a more experienced friend to reduce potential frustrations! This is also a wonderful project for a group of quilters who can help each other over the bumps in the road to finishing the quilt.